More than just a Health Food Store…

I was in a business meeting  one day and somebody asked what makes Corner Health Foods different from others in the same industry? To be honest in THAT instant it caught me off guard and I just said something randomly. When I came back to the store I had more time to think about it and coincidentally the same day many of my customers told me why they shop at my store.

We are not competing with anyone. We are unique. We offer more than vitamins, organic food, aromatherapy oils, and other health products. We bring the best of ourselves to a place where people are in need, not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. Our customers find comfort, relieve, support, safeness and hope. We really listen to their concerns so we can guide them in the best direction to improve their well being. Many call Corner Health Foods a “SANCTUARY” and that is a BIG word that my staff and I must honor every single day. We have ups and downs like everybody else but We chose to see the bright side in every situation and We ask God for strength daily. We have been broken too so we can relate to the brokenness in others.
We listen,
We love,
We cheer you up
Thanks for shopping at Corner Health Foods Store.

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